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Elizabeth Welch Glass

Contemporary glass art, gifts, and homeware.

All individually handmade in the UK.

Lampworking glass classes are also available.


By making both Blown Glass and Flameworked Glass I am able to express my emotions in a creative manner. Molten Glass is magical, by working with its natural tendencies in the flame I create whimsical and imaginative sculptures and jewellery pieces.

Working as part of a team with Christiaan Maas and Ian Bamforth we create traditional vessels with a contemporary sculptural formation, making something beautiful yet non-functional

Miniatures, Marbles and Pendants


About Me



I began my fascination with glass in 2009, graduating with Ceramics and Glass from Bucks New University.

Glass is both a solid and a liquid, it is beautiful and fragile, yet can be dangerous and strong, it is a magical material in both its molten and solid state.

Working with Hot Glass forces me to intuitively and actively engage with the material. Each piece is a partnership between myself and the material. The connection between my mind and my hands, the flow of the material and my own emotions results in a piece of work that expresses my inner self.


I make my work using two hot glass techniques. Glass blowing and Lampwork. The two techniques give me two distinct bodies of work.

I specialised in Glass blowing at University and further developed my blown work at Bournemouth and Poole College. I continue to design and make pieces as part of a team with Christiaan D. Maas and Ian Bamforth.

I then discovered Borosilicate Glass Lamp working and set up a small studio, with the help of the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme in 2012.

I have since established myself as a glass designer/maker. Becoming a member of The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen and a being accepted as a Freeman to the Worshipful Company of Glaziers. I exhibit nationally through craft shows, shops and galleries, I have also begun to teach lamp-working.

I am always looking to expand my skills and knowledge, and to take my designs in new and exciting directions. I returned from a winter class with Suellen Fowler at Corning Museum of Glass, USA full of inspiration, I am very excited to begin the next phase of my creative practice.

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