Elizabeth Welch

Inspired by Nature 

Elizabeth Welch brings stunning realism to her glass menageries. The natural world has always informed and inspired her and is the central influence for all her work, she is continually seeking to capture the ephemeral beauty of nature in all she creates. 

Borosilicate Flameworking allows her to explore and discover many ways to express her admiration and appreciation for nature and pay homage to its creations. 


About the Sculptures 

All of my sculptures are individually hand made using solid borosilicate glass over an oxygen and propane torch and properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln for lasting strength and durability. 

Identifying my Work 

My work is signed with my initials (eW) using a signature cane made for me by a colleague in the United States. Prior to 2021 I signed my work with a stamped impression of my (eW) signature. 

Making a Robin
Small Blue Octopus 3
Signature Cane

The Studio

Located in the heart of Stone, the Studio offers a variety of services. There is a standard range of products available as well as bespoke work that can be commissioned. Additionally, I offer one-on-one tuition and workshops for up to four people.


My Work

Encased Space, 2009
Encased No.1-5
The Journey through craft disciplines 

Specialising in Ceramics whilst studying at Wimbledon School of Art for my Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, I continued on to study Ceramics with Glass BA(Hons) at Bucks New University.

Initially falling in love with clay I found I was happiest in the hot glass workshop. Where my work explored the creation of internal spaces within the glass.

From here I went to Bournemouth and Poole College to complete the Hot Glass Techniques course where I continued this theme of internal forms and added transparent colours. I continue to make these pieces as commissions on request.


It was at this time however where I wanted to explore other techniques for hot glass. Having made beads previously I set up a small oxy propane torch in the workshop to explore this technique. I quickly found this to be limiting to my creative capabilities as the material characteristics were too volatile and delicate for my designs.

Prince’s Trust 

This is where I discovered Borosilicate glass, it was a material which I connected with almost immediately. During my time working on simple component pieces for another maker in clear glass, I began experimenting with coloured ‘boro’ on my own pieces with the funding and business support from the Princes Trust. 

Corning Museum of Glass 

In 2016 while at Corning Museum of Glass (NY) renowned glass artist and colourist; Suellen Fowler taught me how to mix colours and apply the coloured canes correctly to create a clarity in the glass I had previously not been able to obtain.

Suellen, was one of a small group of makers at the Glass Workshop (1968 – 1973) who began researching chemical formulae that led to an improved though still limited range of coloured borosilicate cane.
After the workshop closed Suellen continued to develop her own extensive colour range and share it with the community; from Suellen’s initial research we now have an extensive range of colours that match the soft glass palette.  


March 2022 I travelled to Northlands Glass Creative in Scotland for the Kit Paulson Masterclass of disorderly Inquiry which introduced me to movable parts in glass, ‘bridging’ and glass ‘networking.’ 

This has allowed me to continue combining blown glass with lampworked components.

In June 2024 I will travel to Pittsburgh to take a class with Sibelle Yuksek where I will learn new and game changing hollow form techniques to apply to my creations on the torch. 



If would like to visit the workshop and are travelling a distance I recommend phoning first in case I am at an event.

Elizabeth Welch Glass 
24 Radford Street, Stone ST15 8DA


Business Hours
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10:30 am – 3:00 pm

By appointment 

Elizabeth Welch Glass